Mediation Services

Mediation is a process available for parties to a lawsuit who are interested in resolving their disputes without a trial. The court utilizes mediation when it is apparent that both parties are interested in negotiating an agreement. In mediation, a neutral third-party person (mediator) assists the disputing parties to generate options for reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. The mediator helps define areas of agreement and disagreement, but does not impose a settlement.  The Court does not have a mediator on staff.  If you want mediation, the parties can hire a private mediator by agreement, or request that the Court pick a mediator.  If you request mediation from the Court, the Court will order mediation through the White Law Office in Millersburg, Ohio.  This is “private pay” mediation, meaning that you will have to agree to pay the mediator on your own.  Presently, the White Law Office is the only firm with certified mediators interested in receiving referrals from the Court.  Other certified mediators interested in providing private mediation services should contact the Court.  For domestic relations cases, the Court uses Family Pact.